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Off to see Inception. Parents day out – woohoo!

Update 3 hours later: Freaking awesome.

Update 2 more hours later: Still mobile, and blogging about every inconsequential thing possible. Hangin’ with the Hensons!


With a whole new blog, courtesy of WordPress 3.0.1. Farewell, MovableType. We barely knew ye.

And hello WordPress for Android, too! The good times just keep rolling, and I’m hoping being able to blog and upload pictures straight from my phone will help me remember to update this a bit more often. Huzzah!


So now it’s May. I realize my last update was short and covered 6 months. So now this one is supposed to cover 5 more? Wow.

Biggest news of the year so far: I’m pregnant again. No, this wasn’t planned. Yes, we know what makes babies. No, we’re not finding out what this one is either. Yes, we’re crazy nervous and crazy excited. :)

As of now the est. due date is early Oct., but we’ll get another ultrasound here in a couple weeks since I’ll be halfway through being pregnant already. CRAZY. Hopefully we can hold out til Oct. 2 so we can make it into the new hospital!

Kelsen is 10 months and going on 2 years it seems! She’s so tall and skinny. She’s working really hard on taking steps! Her record so far is 8, but she tries all day long. She’ll be running around before we know it! She’s such an amazing blessing. I love her laugh, her smile, and even though I pretend to complain about it, how much she looks just like her daddy. I can’t wait to see the little girl she turns into, but I’m perfectly happy just taking each day as it comes!

In family news, Marshall is now stationed in Fort Campbell. It’s been so great to see him every couple of weekends! It’s so crazy how quickly I’ve gotten used to him being around again. Being deployed for so long now seems kind of surreal. But at the same time Marshall’s back, Adam is gone. He’s in TX doing his Air Force thing and kicking some major butt at it. He’ll be back soon enough though! End of June he’ll return, then in July he’ll be marrying the lovely Denise Halbert and giving Kelsen another awesome aunt! I can’t wait to have another sister-in-law! Women are going to balance out the Agee family eventually!

Aside from the expected baby, not a long of things are different with me and Dave. He’s still working so I can be a stay at home Mom. He’s such a good husband and father! I love that I found a man that’s willing to work to provide for his family. I’ve always wanted to be home with my family, and he’s given me that chance. He gets to come home every day for lunch and see us for an hour. I’m glad he gets to see Kelsen for more than a couple of hours before bed time.

Speaking of bed time, it’s that time now. I was just waiting for Dave to get done playing that map in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I will update soon, I promise!

Goodnight internet land!


So I hadn’t realized just how long it had been since I had last updated our blog. Apparently it was my ultrasound and since then it has been almost a year and Kelsen is officially 6 months old in 40 min. So yeah, it needed to be updated.

I’m not one of those to give tons and tons of details about every day this year, but here’s a quick run down.

March= got bigger, but was still cute and comfy pregnant.
April = finally really showing and having fun thinking about baby stuff.
May = starting to sleep less, get too fat.
June = had contractions daily, please say I’m going to have this baby today. Oh, and Dave had a birthday.
July = well, crap, we’re late on having a baby. Oh wait, there SHE is! The best baby ever, Kelsen Alivia Baughman was born at 1:56 AM on July 2. She’s just gorgeous and perfect.
August = Oh, hey, we actually have to take care of this baby thing. What do we do with it?
September = Getting used to a 2 month old who is really a 4 month old in disguise. Standing smiling, cooing, rolling over.  Had a birthday. Oldest brother Jason got married.
October = Had our 3 year anniversary. Kelsen started scooting all around.
November = Hey, that adorable child is getting teeth! Except they aren’t coming through and now she’s screaming. Eh, oh well. She’s still cute as can be. Adam left for Basic Training with the Air National Guard. Got an Xbox, became obsessed with Call of Duty.
December = Marshall (bro-in-law) got back in from Iraq and got to meet Kelsen for the first time. Christmas was fun. Kelsen’s mobile and very loud. Still no teeth, though the evidence that it’s coming shows daily. Ended the year hanging out at Brooke and Tyler’s, watching Alan rock out on Guitar Hero.

Yeah, that’s it in a nut shell.

Short and to the point as that may be, it was a great year. Although there were plenty of frustrating and trying times to being new parents, the good tremendously outweighed the bad which is the most you can ask of a year. We are so blessed with a wonderful baby who has a smile and laugh that will melt anyone’s heart. She’s strong, healthy, and super friendly (although stubborn as heck – she gets that from me) and we couldn’t be more proud to be her parents.
God’s kept us safe and healthy; we’re in a really good place in life. We’re looking forward to all the adventures that 2010 has in store!

This morning was really exciting! We got to go to the imaging center here in the ‘Boro and get our ultrasound! I was really surprised by the clarity of the images; everything I’ve really seen online looked really fuzzy. The nurse said everything is right on track size wise, and she didn’t see any complications at all. So everything is looking good! This may be our only time to have an ultrasound, so we may not see the baby again until June sometime. It seems so far away, but I know it’s sneaking up on us. Yay!

I’ve got a new feel good song this week, titled “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band. Yes, it’s a very redneck title. Yes, the actual hook is just as redneck, too. But if you can get past those two little words that make up the title and hook, it’s a great song. I love the harmonies, I like the verses and the chorus (which seems to be a rarity for me more and more with new music I find), and I’m not at all ashamed to say I tend to get a little misty-eyed during the verse about the armed forces (my youngest brother Marshall is currently in Iraq, serving as a gunner on an MRAP).

The CMT video has a weird little intro, but give it a second to get to the actual song … if you enjoy country music and harmonies, I think you’ll like it.

This is easily one of the best letters of complaint I have ever read. Never is he truly condescending or calling someone a complete idiot. He uses humor to point out the problems, not slander. I always tend to get fired up about things and say I will write a letter and never end up following through. I have on occasion called the 1-800 numbers posted outside restaurants when a particular employee has impressed me, but I have only once truly taken the time to write a complaint letter and I doubt it was taken seriously b/c it was about the nicest letter anyone could’ve gotten. I always chicken out, or don’t approach the subject the right way. So for anyone who’s wondering, this is my ideal version of a complain that I hope to one day be able to accomplish when the time calls for it.

World’s best complaint letter…

I got my copy of Reader’s Digest today (my dad bought a subscription years ago for Xmas for and keeps it renewed, love it!) and of course turned straight the joke sections. I love the real life stories, particularly the work place section. Here’s this month’s best story, hands down:

“You have to explain this to me,” I told the chef at our restaurant. The chalkboard read “Today’s Special: Broiled Snaper with 2 Peas.”
The chef laughed. “Yeah, I saw that the hostess had misspelled snapper too,” he said. “But she misunderstood me when I said, ‘The special has two p’s.’ “

HAHAHA – moron. :)

I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m just late to the party on this one, but we’ve had the radio on Mix 92.9 at work this week instead of 96.3 Jack FM, and this song has been playing a bit. I love folksy, acoustic, gospel sounding music, and the video with all the happy people sealed the deal when I went to find this on YouTube. The song is “Never Alone” by Lady Antebellum.