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This morning was really exciting! We got to go to the imaging center here in the ‘Boro and get our ultrasound! I was really surprised by the clarity of the images; everything I’ve really seen online looked really fuzzy. The nurse said everything is right on track size wise, and she didn’t see any complications […]

This is easily one of the best letters of complaint I have ever read. Never is he truly condescending or calling someone a complete idiot. He uses humor to point out the problems, not slander. I always tend to get fired up about things and say I will write a letter and never end up […]

I got my copy of Reader’s Digest today (my dad bought a subscription years ago for Xmas for and keeps it renewed, love it!) and of course turned straight the joke sections. I love the real life stories, particularly the work place section. Here’s this month’s best story, hands down: “You have to explain this […]

So I was browsing the internet when I got back from the grocery store today, and stumbled upon this lovely article on Fox News: “Five Ways the World Can End”. One of them is actually destined to happen and is virtually unavoidable. According to the scientists and brilliant theorist of the world, this is what we have […]

Dave and I have talked about having a blog up since our website was first created for our wedding over 2 years ago. And for those of you who know Dave, you know that creating this is his baby and I don’t touch. So finally today I get to write my first ever blog! And […]