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I think every year we are plagued to have some weird bird story. “Only at your house” is what Tyler says. I guess so. I suppose you would like an explanation. Early on in March Dave got up before me (as usual) to get ready for work. I normally don’t notice at all when he […]

Off to see Inception. Parents day out – woohoo! Update 3 hours later: Freaking awesome. Update 2 more hours later: Still mobile, and blogging about every inconsequential thing possible. Hangin’ with the Hensons!

With a whole new blog, courtesy of WordPress 3.0.1. Farewell, MovableType. We barely knew ye. And hello WordPress for Android, too! The good times just keep rolling, and I’m hoping being able to blog and upload pictures straight from my phone will help me remember to update this a bit more often. Huzzah!

So now it’s May. I realize my last update was short and covered 6 months. So now this one is supposed to cover 5 more? Wow. Biggest news of the year so far: I’m pregnant again. No, this wasn’t planned. Yes, we know what makes babies. No, we’re not finding out what this one is […]

So I hadn’t realized just how long it had been since I had last updated our blog. Apparently it was my ultrasound and since then it has been almost a year and Kelsen is officially 6 months old in 40 min. So yeah, it needed to be updated. I’m not one of those to give […]

This is easily one of the best letters of complaint I have ever read. Never is he truly condescending or calling someone a complete idiot. He uses humor to point out the problems, not slander. I always tend to get fired up about things and say I will write a letter and never end up […]

Dave and I have talked about having a blog up since our website was first created for our wedding over 2 years ago. And for those of you who know Dave, you know that creating this is his baby and I don’t touch. So finally today I get to write my first ever blog! And […]

Well, today has been an interesting day. We heard our child-to-be’s heartbeat for the second time today (153 bpm, for what it’s worth). My snazzy new Ipod Touch 32GB 2nd Gen came in today (dedicated volume buttons, ya’ll!). And Sam’s replacement Sprint Mogul came in to replace her aging Sprint PPC-6700 (Apache). Though we’ll just […]