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Although I will be happy if I never hear the word “Groupon” again, I can’t deny that they have some seriously awesome deals from time to time. Tyler managed to score a pretty cheap night to Lanes, Trains, and Automobiles here in the ‘Boro for a couple hours of bowling, pizza, and fun. Through some miracle in one of our games we all managed to bowl over 100. That’s really saying something b/c I am probably the world’s worst bowler. Well, at least in the right category. A category like “Brunette women, age 29, Murfreesboro, TN, with 2 kids”. But seriously, I am horrible. Combine that with the lack of decent sized finger holes in a 10lb ball and my skill level plummets even more. You’d think I could manage a 13 lb ball seeing as how I should be able to bowl a Haley sized ball, but that’s just not how it works apparently.

Anyway, I love taking pics mid bowl. Checking out the form, or lack of, always is amusing to me. And I will not spare anyone.  Although Brooke doesn’t even need to be spared because as usual she looks adorable. She looks like she’s just taking a Sunday stroll with a bowling ball. I’ll never have that kind of grace, but that’s alright. I play to win! (ha. ha.)


Front shots:



Check out the scoreboards:


I don’t know why I didn’t get a normal picture of me to go along with my bowling pose, but oh well.

Can’t go to a place with skee ball and not play!

We’re so blessed by our own children. Absolutely completely blessed and in love with them. So we couldn’t be happier for our friends to have their own.

March 9 = Sophia Madelyn Brown, 5lbs 15oz, 19″ long. This one belongs to Justin and Katie. Isn’t she adorable? I had never held a baby that tiny in my arms before.  She’s sweet as can be.

So sweet and sleepy!

Justin is going to be such a great dad. She’s already gotten him wrapped around her finger.

We wanted to see her eyes, so Justin tried to get her to wake up. She woke up mad!!

So tiny and sweet. Makes Haley feel way heavier.

Haley is realizing she’s not the smallest person around.

Everyone couldn’t stop taking pictures of her. And of course, we have to look instantly at the pic. Like we don’t have the live baby right in front of us. ;)



Next up came little Sullivan Gray Fraser. 3/18/11, also weighing 5 lbs 15 oz and 19″ long. I believe a couple ounces of that weight may have been his awesome hair. Congrats, Danny and Chalice! He looks just like his daddy.

He’s finally here, Chalice! Congrats, love!

Reaghan is already a very proud big sis.

He came out looking like a little boxer to me, ready to scrap and take on the world like his mama!



And last, but certainly not least, little Hadley Hope Collins. Though I guess she actually isn’t all that little.  4/2/11 – 8lbs 6 oz, 20-1/2″ long. Lora had us convinced it was a boy by her big low hanging belly. But surprise! She got another little baby girl who looks just like her big sis.

She looks so much like Audrey. And Lora’s all about the personalized touches. Check out the hat!

There’s those pretty little baby blues!


Next up is baby Bostian! Coming your way around September.

I think every year we are plagued to have some weird bird story. “Only at your house” is what Tyler says. I guess so. I suppose you would like an explanation.

Early on in March Dave got up before me (as usual) to get ready for work. I normally don’t notice at all when he does this, but I was kind of out of it that morning because Haley still isn’t sleeping the best. So in my very half awake state I hear a loud BANG! on the front door, and I mildly wonder why Dave is slamming doors so early in the morning. Not just a few minutes later he comes to bear the bad news. A bird has flown into the door and he thinks it has died. But what makes it even more odd is that the bird was already in my house.

These birds have built a nest in our dryer vent, and once a year one of them will wander aimlessly down the vent and fall behind our dryer. I can’t imagine what even appeals to them to head down a dark dreary hole away from the sunlight, but it happens. Eventually they will peck their way out of our vent and begin to fly around in the house. It can be very scary to wake up and have a bird fly at your head when you least expect it.

Anyway, so Dave is getting clothes out of the dryer when he sees this bird sitting in the back of the laundry room staring at him. I have to give him props, as I would have yelled my head off and woken the entire family up, but he just calmly went to the front door and held it open expecting the bird to just fly merrily on its way. He hadn’t really thought about what he was wearing, but let’s just say it wasn’t neighborhood friendly, and our neighbors were starting to come out of their houses on their way to work. So he shuts the screen door so he can go put on some more clothes, and that’s the moment that STUPID BIRD decided to try and escape. He flew right into the glass like a bad ad for windex.

Dave was hoping that it had merely knocked itself unconscious since it was twitching a little when he got back to it, then abruptly stopped moving. I’ve never seen anything twitch before suddenly passing out, so I was pretty sure that wasn’t the case, but thinking maybe it still had a chance. So Dave kindly used the cat litter scoop to place it in the garden hoping it would be gone when he came home from lunch.

That was one really dead bird when he came home a few hours later.

I’m not sure exactly how long ago this tradition started, but every year in February we head out to Kobe’s to celebrate Tyler and Brian’s birthdays. It’s really the 1 time of year I get to have some delicious (albeit expensive) Japanese hibachi, and it never disappoints. This year was no different, getting out to hang with our favorite friends and chow down on some good food. In fact, as I post this almost 2 months later, my stomach has just started rumbling and my mouth watering thinking about it.

Flaming onion volcano. I’d love to try this at home, but I’m afraid I might burn down the house.


It may have gotten a little out of hand…


Seriously, does this not make you starving? (sigh) only 10 more months to go.



Brooke and I were there too, just taking pictures. Love my friends!







So we’re back after yet another long hiatus! I’m trying to do a quick update while both girls are soundly sleeping (which doesn’t happen often)!

No major changes here, except the growing family.

Kelsen at 19 months:
-We’re on Day 4 of potty training. She’s doing very well so far!
-She’s learning at least 1 word a day it seems. Today’s phrase, “Oh buddy!”
-Loves blueberries. Constantly asks for them.Would eat only blueberries forever if I let her.
-”Song? Dance?” And we bust out select songs from Glee for her to rock out to.
-Loves Haley. Wants to show her everything and play all the time. Even snuggle!
-Its a tantrum throwing queen!
-She’s very independent, loving, and smart. Oh, and beautiful of course. :)

Haley at 4 months:
-Loves to be held constantly (still), but is getting better at playing in the floor.
-Rolls over both ways
-Tries to crawl, but looks like she’s swimming on her belly
-Giggles by inhaling loudly
-Still working on sleeping through the night
-Definitely loves her parents and sister! She has such a sweet smile!

Dave and I are doing the parental thing. Dave’s kicking butt on working out and losing weight. His Nerf obsession is currently on the back burner (probably because we now own all the cool stuff). My creative outlet these days is cake decorating, so let me know if you want something fun! I love to get practice in. I’m also training for the Warrior Dash in Manchester this fall. I need to get my post baby body back in shape for the beach this summer!

I will try to make a point to update at least once every 2 weeks. Dave doesn’t like being outdone by the Henson blog. ;) So see you again soon! No, I really mean that this time.




Right now it’s Mon. morning and were are waiting to be discharged from the hospital so we can take our new daughter home! I just wanted to get a quick post in with a picture before trying to get settled with Kelsen and Haley and not having a nursing staff waiting on us hand and foot. :) Haley was born 12 days after her due date (stubborn like, well, the rest of her family!) on Oct. 16th at 4:15 pm after a relatively short labor. She is 9lb 14oz and 21-3/4″ long. We’re so excited to have a little girl, and can’t wait for Kelsen to get acquainted with her little sister! Thanks for all the love and support, and for everyone who stopped by to check her out! We’re very blessed!

-Dave, Sam, and the girls ;)

Today Dave and I are taking a scenic train ride along the Hiwassee River! The day started rainy, but now we are sitting in Copperhill (an old mining town) enjoying a lunch on the patio of a cute little place called the Nifty 50′s Cafe and the skies are a bright sunny blue! It’s been a nice relaxing ride so far, and we still have 3 more hours. Here’s some pics below!

Dave looking out the window at Copperhill

Playing with my new phone. Who knew there were gangsters in the 1800′s?

The lovely mountaintop shack we passed.

The phone cam can’t quite do this justice. :me of the scenery looks straight off a calendar.


Comfy prego checking out the view! Only 3 weeks left!






Just in case there weren’t enough ways already to access this blog from our house, my new phone can do it too! So test post number 1 for me. :-)

So now it’s May. I realize my last update was short and covered 6 months. So now this one is supposed to cover 5 more? Wow.

Biggest news of the year so far: I’m pregnant again. No, this wasn’t planned. Yes, we know what makes babies. No, we’re not finding out what this one is either. Yes, we’re crazy nervous and crazy excited. :)

As of now the est. due date is early Oct., but we’ll get another ultrasound here in a couple weeks since I’ll be halfway through being pregnant already. CRAZY. Hopefully we can hold out til Oct. 2 so we can make it into the new hospital!

Kelsen is 10 months and going on 2 years it seems! She’s so tall and skinny. She’s working really hard on taking steps! Her record so far is 8, but she tries all day long. She’ll be running around before we know it! She’s such an amazing blessing. I love her laugh, her smile, and even though I pretend to complain about it, how much she looks just like her daddy. I can’t wait to see the little girl she turns into, but I’m perfectly happy just taking each day as it comes!

In family news, Marshall is now stationed in Fort Campbell. It’s been so great to see him every couple of weekends! It’s so crazy how quickly I’ve gotten used to him being around again. Being deployed for so long now seems kind of surreal. But at the same time Marshall’s back, Adam is gone. He’s in TX doing his Air Force thing and kicking some major butt at it. He’ll be back soon enough though! End of June he’ll return, then in July he’ll be marrying the lovely Denise Halbert and giving Kelsen another awesome aunt! I can’t wait to have another sister-in-law! Women are going to balance out the Agee family eventually!

Aside from the expected baby, not a long of things are different with me and Dave. He’s still working so I can be a stay at home Mom. He’s such a good husband and father! I love that I found a man that’s willing to work to provide for his family. I’ve always wanted to be home with my family, and he’s given me that chance. He gets to come home every day for lunch and see us for an hour. I’m glad he gets to see Kelsen for more than a couple of hours before bed time.

Speaking of bed time, it’s that time now. I was just waiting for Dave to get done playing that map in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I will update soon, I promise!

Goodnight internet land!


So I hadn’t realized just how long it had been since I had last updated our blog. Apparently it was my ultrasound and since then it has been almost a year and Kelsen is officially 6 months old in 40 min. So yeah, it needed to be updated.

I’m not one of those to give tons and tons of details about every day this year, but here’s a quick run down.

March= got bigger, but was still cute and comfy pregnant.
April = finally really showing and having fun thinking about baby stuff.
May = starting to sleep less, get too fat.
June = had contractions daily, please say I’m going to have this baby today. Oh, and Dave had a birthday.
July = well, crap, we’re late on having a baby. Oh wait, there SHE is! The best baby ever, Kelsen Alivia Baughman was born at 1:56 AM on July 2. She’s just gorgeous and perfect.
August = Oh, hey, we actually have to take care of this baby thing. What do we do with it?
September = Getting used to a 2 month old who is really a 4 month old in disguise. Standing smiling, cooing, rolling over.  Had a birthday. Oldest brother Jason got married.
October = Had our 3 year anniversary. Kelsen started scooting all around.
November = Hey, that adorable child is getting teeth! Except they aren’t coming through and now she’s screaming. Eh, oh well. She’s still cute as can be. Adam left for Basic Training with the Air National Guard. Got an Xbox, became obsessed with Call of Duty.
December = Marshall (bro-in-law) got back in from Iraq and got to meet Kelsen for the first time. Christmas was fun. Kelsen’s mobile and very loud. Still no teeth, though the evidence that it’s coming shows daily. Ended the year hanging out at Brooke and Tyler’s, watching Alan rock out on Guitar Hero.

Yeah, that’s it in a nut shell.

Short and to the point as that may be, it was a great year. Although there were plenty of frustrating and trying times to being new parents, the good tremendously outweighed the bad which is the most you can ask of a year. We are so blessed with a wonderful baby who has a smile and laugh that will melt anyone’s heart. She’s strong, healthy, and super friendly (although stubborn as heck – she gets that from me) and we couldn’t be more proud to be her parents.
God’s kept us safe and healthy; we’re in a really good place in life. We’re looking forward to all the adventures that 2010 has in store!