We’re so blessed by our own children. Absolutely completely blessed and in love with them. So we couldn’t be happier for our friends to have their own.

March 9 = Sophia Madelyn Brown, 5lbs 15oz, 19″ long. This one belongs to Justin and Katie. Isn’t she adorable? I had never held a baby that tiny in my arms before.  She’s sweet as can be.

So sweet and sleepy!

Justin is going to be such a great dad. She’s already gotten him wrapped around her finger.

We wanted to see her eyes, so Justin tried to get her to wake up. She woke up mad!!

So tiny and sweet. Makes Haley feel way heavier.

Haley is realizing she’s not the smallest person around.

Everyone couldn’t stop taking pictures of her. And of course, we have to look instantly at the pic. Like we don’t have the live baby right in front of us. ;)



Next up came little Sullivan Gray Fraser. 3/18/11, also weighing 5 lbs 15 oz and 19″ long. I believe a couple ounces of that weight may have been his awesome hair. Congrats, Danny and Chalice! He looks just like his daddy.

He’s finally here, Chalice! Congrats, love!

Reaghan is already a very proud big sis.

He came out looking like a little boxer to me, ready to scrap and take on the world like his mama!



And last, but certainly not least, little Hadley Hope Collins. Though I guess she actually isn’t all that little.  4/2/11 – 8lbs 6 oz, 20-1/2″ long. Lora had us convinced it was a boy by her big low hanging belly. But surprise! She got another little baby girl who looks just like her big sis.

She looks so much like Audrey. And Lora’s all about the personalized touches. Check out the hat!

There’s those pretty little baby blues!


Next up is baby Bostian! Coming your way around September.