I’m not sure exactly how long ago this tradition started, but every year in February we head out to Kobe’s to celebrate Tyler and Brian’s birthdays. It’s really the 1 time of year I get to have some delicious (albeit expensive) Japanese hibachi, and it never disappoints. This year was no different, getting out to hang with our favorite friends and chow down on some good food. In fact, as I post this almost 2 months later, my stomach has just started rumbling and my mouth watering thinking about it.

Flaming onion volcano. I’d love to try this at home, but I’m afraid I might burn down the house.


It may have gotten a little out of hand…


Seriously, does this not make you starving? (sigh) only 10 more months to go.



Brooke and I were there too, just taking pictures. Love my friends!