Although I will be happy if I never hear the word “Groupon” again, I can’t deny that they have some seriously awesome deals from time to time. Tyler managed to score a pretty cheap night to Lanes, Trains, and Automobiles here in the ‘Boro for a couple hours of bowling, pizza, and fun. Through some miracle in one of our games we all managed to bowl over 100. That’s really saying something b/c I am probably the world’s worst bowler. Well, at least in the right category. A category like “Brunette women, age 29, Murfreesboro, TN, with 2 kids”. But seriously, I am horrible. Combine that with the lack of decent sized finger holes in a 10lb ball and my skill level plummets even more. You’d think I could manage a 13 lb ball seeing as how I should be able to bowl a Haley sized ball, but that’s just not how it works apparently.

Anyway, I love taking pics mid bowl. Checking out the form, or lack of, always is amusing to me. And I will not spare anyone.  Although Brooke doesn’t even need to be spared because as usual she looks adorable. She looks like she’s just taking a Sunday stroll with a bowling ball. I’ll never have that kind of grace, but that’s alright. I play to win! (ha. ha.)


Front shots:



Check out the scoreboards:


I don’t know why I didn’t get a normal picture of me to go along with my bowling pose, but oh well.

Can’t go to a place with skee ball and not play!