To say today has been a frustrating day in regards to all-things-geeky would be quite the understatement. We’ve had this blog (running off MovableType (Open Source) 4.23) for all of two days, and I’m just about ready to throw in the towel and move everything over to WordPress already. I installed MT4 because it was reviewed by quite a few sites as the more robust and feature-packed of the two, but also as more of a power-user’s tool which required more tweaking out of the box. I’m fairly adept at coding, so the complexities weren’t a major concern to me (really, they were more of a plus), nor was the fact that it’s primarily coded in Perl rather than PHP. I spent the first five or so years of my programming foray writing code in Perl for an open source forum project called YaBB, short for Yet Another Bulletin Board, and I rather like the language. It’s kind of like the Hebrew of web coding languages.

Anywho … long story short (is it too late to use that idiom?), the documentation for MovableType is atrocious (when you’re lucky enough to find any sort of documentation to begin with). The FaceBook Connect plug-in that drew my attention to MovableType is still in beta and quite buggy in regards to IE7 usage, whereas there is already a WordPress plug-in to provide the same type of features and that was written by the Facebook dev team themselves.

And I still can’t get my little avatar picture to show up next to my blog entries because I keep getting an Internal Server Error 500 whenever I upload it in my control panel, and the error logs provide zero helpful information as to why this is happening (and of course, I can’t find any decent documentation from MovableType on the feature).

To cap it all off, our Comcast internet service just died all of the sudden tonight while I was trying to find a solution to any one of my numerous blogging software issues. Calling 1-800-comcast failed to get me connected to the local service center, so it looks like the call center is down, too. Fabulous. So I’ve connected my Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional phone (Sprint Mogul) to our HP tx2500z laptop and am sharing its EVDO connection via USB. It’s one of my favorite things about Vista - turn it on, plug it in, and surf the web.

At this rate, though, I’ll probably be defaming Sprint by tomorrow afternoon. Technology is so cruel.