Well, today has been an interesting day. We heard our child-to-be’s heartbeat for the second time today (153 bpm, for what it’s worth). My snazzy new Ipod Touch 32GB 2nd Gen came in today (dedicated volume buttons, ya’ll!). And Sam’s replacement Sprint Mogul came in to replace her aging Sprint PPC-6700 (Apache). Though we’ll just be selling the Mogul on eBay since she already got the uber-geekified HTC Touch Pro for Christmas (from me!). We got it activated today, and found out three things in the process:

    1. The chances of talking to someone who speaks English intelligibly (much less natively) is still about 50 to 1 when calling Sprint after 1:00 p.m. CST.
    2. Sprint’s built-in navigation features are pretty slick looking. I’m curious how TeleAtlas maps (the same folks who provide TomTom with their mapping data) will compare to Garmin Mobile, which I run on my Sprint Mogul.
    3. SprintTV is a lot cooler than I anticipated it being. The Office and 30 Rock on-demand? Sign me up! That, combined with built-in Youtube browser and Slingbox Mobile, and there are a bunch of really good looking streaming multimedia applications you can access pretty much anywhere you get an EVDO signal.

This is the first post ever in my personal (and our family’s combined) blog, so I’m going to go ahead and end this here. I’m not sure if this post will even make it to press, since I’m still feeling a little “iffy” about how all this MovableType magic-in-a-box works.